Internationalization services

Brand internationalization in order to offer products and services in other countries.

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Internationalization services

At Commex Group we analyze which countries are the most suitable for exporting and selling our clients’ products abroad, supporting access in emerging markets and markets of interest.

Our team of delegates carry out a market study on the spot: analysis of potential clients, benchmarks with competitors, follow-up and commercial visits, translations and hiring of after-sales services.

Our network of delegates is located in Brazil, China, United Arab Emirates, and the United States, growing according to the needs of our clients.

Within the internationalization service Commex Group specializes in:

  • International market study.
  • Opening of distribution networks abroad.
  • Commercial implementation.

1. Previous study of the international market

A study of the most appropriate market is carried out based on the priority of our client and we make a preliminary analysis of the selected country, through a market analysis, price study, possible competition, and search for distributors or potential clients.

This study allows us to obtain a SWOT of the product and inform our client of the strategy to follow.

2. Opening of distribution networks abroad

Preparation of individualized plans for each of our clients based on the opening of new markets, commercial prospecting, segmentation and identification of potential buyers or distributors, entry business plan, product presentation, support in the negotiation and execution of the commercial plan.

3. Commercial or industrial establishment abroad

Analysis and advice on opening or acquiring companies in international markets, considering the phases business plan preparation and deciding on the most appropriate type of presence (commercial, own subsidiary, partner search or acquisition of a local company…).

4. Coordination and synergies

Commex Group, through communication between delegates, clients, suppliers and collaborators, generates purchase-sale synergies on products such as sugar, wine, oil, etc., in an environment of trust and without intermediates.

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